9 thoughts on “The End Times and the War in Israel

  1. The way you are leading us into these prophecies and then helping us apply them to what is happening is blessing me more than I can express. Thank you. May we share the hope of Christ wherever we go. The end is near!

  2. Jennifer, I have felt alot of stress these past few weeks with all that is going on and need to keep my eyes focused on my Jesus. You help me SO much with understanding Scriptures about Israel and end times. Our dvd player broke last year and I need to get a new one. I have the Daniel Study by Beth Moore on dvd’s but it’s been years since Rick and I did the study, I really want to watch it again as she does a pretty incredible study and timeline of events.

    Love you sweet Sister! So glad we met and I LOVE sitting under your teachings. Blessings to you and your sweet family, beautiful friend!

    Donna 💕

    1. You express so much kindness and encouragement that has at times truly kept me going with this writing ministry. I am thankful to the LORD Most High that He has been able to use me to help you in your understanding of His Most precious Word! May He continue to bless you and expand your knowledge and I know you minister to so many through your blog and your personal ministry involvement. Shalom and please greet your husband Rick for me.

  3. I find the topic of the “end times” and eschatology fascinating, especially what the people who wrote the Bible were expecting. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Eschatology can seem to be full of so many “unknowns” because much of it is so very mysterious! But God has given us so much revelation in His Word! It really is a fascinating subject, especially as we are living in these end times as revealed by Scripture!

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