April 21, 2024

9 thoughts on “The Wonderful Words of Life

  1. Another great teaching post. I think it is incredible how Isaiah 53 so clearly pictured Christ’s atonement thousands of years before Jesus was born.

  2. It’s so amazing that the Messiah was talked about in the Old Testament. The law and the Prophets pointed to Jesus. Someone treated than Moses. Even the tabernacle pieces were set in the temple in the direction of a cross. The scarlet thread of Jesus has been put before us through all of time.

    1. I had never heard that observation about the tabernacle pieces being as a cross – but in thinking about it, I think you’re absolutely right! That’s really amazing! Thank you for sharing that! You’re so right – that scarlet thread has been there all though time.

  3. I have heard that some avoid Isaiah 53, but I didn’t realize that this was done more systematically in services. This is clearly the enemy at work. What a heartbreak. Praying and standing with you for many more Jewish brothers and sisters in Christ!

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