5 thoughts on “Led by the One True God: Abram & his father, Terah

  1. This is so powerful! I’m saving it to come back and soak in these truths later. As always, thanks so much for digging deep for us! You bless me more than I can put into words!

    1. This passage truly is full of amazing Truth! I am consistently amazed by the way some of the accounts in Scripture seem so simplistic and yet when you start investigating you discover the profundity in the simplicity! God’s Word is amazing and His Name to be praised!

  2. So true that we have many questions to satisfy our need to know ‘everything’ but Scripture provides us with all that we need to depend on God. Thank you for your insight here!

    1. Often we are left with more questions than answers, but it is truly the walk of faith to, as you wrote, “depend on God!” Yes! Those questions can lead us into prayer and it is in that sweet place, the LORD will reveal to us what He wants us to know and the rest we shall leave as a holy mystery and we shall trust in Him alone!

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