6 thoughts on “The 7 species of the land of Israel

  1. I can’t ever read about the Israelites going into the Promised land without being supremely convicted. I’m always particularly struck by the way they struggled to believe God in much the same way I do at times. He is such an awesome Provider and yet we struggle so much to trust Him! Thank so much for this reminder today.

    1. I have the not-so-good tendency to judge the Israelites – how could they possibly not believe, how could they possibly not trust Him having been so close to Him? But you’re right, sister – really this IS convicting, because we do the same exact thing. Thank the LORD He is so merciful and understanding!

  2. I just read what Patti wrote, and I’m with her (and with you)! I get to judging the Israelites, but then I realize I’m so similar! This was so convicting! I’m so grateful for God’s mercy! Thanks for this today!

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