3 thoughts on “How to pray for Ukraine and Russia

  1. I was looking for something to share on fb, your logo really TOUCHED ME TO TEARS, as it has been the only one I’ve seen that includes them together, which I’ve found so important!!! As both countries are suffering equally…you will always have the good and bad on both sides, but my heart aches fir the helpless, the innocent, the ones that have no voice, no choice in the matter!!! On both sides. We are a praying people, a people of faith and confidence in God’s precious Word, and know there’s know distance in prayer, with Holy Spirit, Hallelujah! Therefore, we await to hear of the working of miracles. We will be praying for the people, the families, their economy, the healing of their land, in Jesus name! We praying that Holy Spirit draw people, on both sides to God and we see a might harvest for the glory of God! What the enemy mean for evil, God will turn it for the good! Bless His name!
    Labors in Christ,

    1. Aw, thank you SO much for your comment. It really touched ME to know that this blessed you! Just this morning I looked at it and wondered if it might mean something to someone somewhere, and then here you commented. Awesome. YES, let’s continue to pray!! Yes, in Jesus’ Name may there be a true harvest – that good would come out of so much evil. The LORD reigns and is ultimately in control!

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