6 thoughts on “Review: “Eternity Now: The New Testament Series” (NET)

  1. Wow Jennifer, this is SO cool! I’ve never seen this before! I love the covers and the titles, especially the one containing John’s writings, too! I also didn’t realize about the NET translation, that is cool info, that so many helped to account for the accuracy of the translation. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome post, I will definitely look into this series. Thanks sweet friend … 🙏💕

    1. Definitely look into it! You’ll be impressed! I, too, really found the background to the New English translation fascinating. I wish I had known about the project when it was online. These books really are worth checking out!

    1. Right!? I love these resources that are purely Scripture-based – and I pray they get into the hands of people all around the world! I hope you check them out and are enriched by it! Blessings dear sister

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