8 thoughts on “Ethan the Ezrahite: Praise strongly “breaking forth!”

  1. I was excited to jump over here because I just knew I would learn something new and amazing! I love that Ethan’s name means “arising” or “breaking out.” And I love his Psalm! I am so in awe of our beautiful God and hope I never lose that! It still absolutely amazes me to think that by the Word spoken, the world came into full existence. I am so blessed to have met you sweet friend! You inspire me so all the time! Be blessed sweet Sister … 🙏💕

    1. Oh sweet Donna, I don’t think you will ever lose that awe you have because it is so clear that you know how great is our God and nothing can ever surpass His awesome goodness and you are in relationship with Him! The LORD is so wonderful and He will always do things that will keep you in awe! It gives me great joy to know you learned from this post today! I love how so many names in the Scriptures are so rich with meaning. Thank you so much for your comment, and some day if the LORD allows we need to go get tea or coffee!

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