11 thoughts on “Luke: “That you may know for sure the Truth”

  1. I love the Gospel of Luke too! I love that he was a doctor who acknowledged THE ultimate Doctor, our Lord Jesus Christ! I love the time Luke took to be careful with details, giving Christ the honor He deserves! Love this post Jennifer, as I do every post you write!

  2. Your post spoke to my heart today as I anticipate my upcoming surgery and rest in the fact that Jesus is the best doctor I can have. As I watched my husband suffer through a staph infection a few years ago, I saw how the doctors were not sure for a while what was going on with him. I had to learn to trust God even when the doctors didn’t know what to do. In the ICU my husband’s nurse was a Christian and his name was Luke…we called him “Dr. Luke.” Thank you for your encouraging post!

    1. Precious sister Valerie: thank you for what you shared here. I have been praying for your surgery and believing that the LORD will strengthen you through it and bring you healing. You’re right- anything medical like that really requires placing all our trust in God. It can be so hard, but by His Spirit – He helps us and heals us. That’s amazing the nurse was your Dr.Luke! Praise the LORD! I will be continuing to pray for you as well as your husband.

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