11 thoughts on “The 5 Offerings of Leviticus and the Good News

  1. Amen. Leviticus used to bore me to tears but when I started understanding more of the nature of God and how it foreshadows Jesus, it leaves me in awe. Thanks for this beautiful word. All of God’s scripture is inspired and good for teaching, learning, and reproof!!

  2. I absolutely love the way you lead us into the Old Testament! Not too many bloggers are doing this! Keep it up, girl! This is something special!

  3. Thanks so much Pastora, for the vivid explanation of the screpture It hepls me a lot of my Bible Study reading. Shalom.

    1. Hna Bianca, I am so glad this helped you in your Bible Study reading! I enjoyed studying as I prepared to write that post. Thanks so much for your comment and I hope to hear from you again soon! Shalom!

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