Review: The Thomas Nelson NKJV VALUE Ultra Thinline Bible (And what is the difference between the Ultra Thinline and the VALUE Ultra Thinline?)

As part of the Thomas Nelson Bibles blogger program, I have received a copy of the Thomas Nelson NKJV Value Ultra Thinline Bible published by Thomas Nelson Bibles/Harper Collins Publishers at no cost to me in exchange for an honest review here on the Adonai Shalom USA blog.

Thomas Nelson NKJV VALUE Ultra Thinline Book Description and Review

The Thomas Nelson NKJV Value Ultra Thinline Bible would be a wonderful addition to any home library. Like the regular Ultra Thinline Bible, the Value Ultra Thinline features the thinnest edition of the Biblical text available from Thomas Nelson. There is a regular “Thinline” Bible, but these Ultra Thinline are the thinnest yet. These Bibles are less than an inch thick!

This would be a perfect Bible for an evangelist or missionary: someone who knows the Word and does not want to carry extra weight around when traveling. This Bible does not contain commentary or even cross-references. This Bible would also be a perfect Bible for any new Christian wanting to read the Bible for him or herself without the distractions of footnotes, cross-references, or commentary.

Thomas Nelson NKJV VALUE Ultra Thinline compared to NKJV Ultra Thinline Bible 

I thought it might be helpful to compare Thomas Nelson’s NKJV Value Ultra Thinline Bible to the NKJV Ultra Thinline Bible. I recently posted about the NKJV Ultra Thinline Bible and you can read about it here.

Each of these Bibles have a presentation page that can be used if you are gifting this to someone special in your life.

A difference between the Thomas Nelson NKJV Value Ultra Thinline Bible and the Thomas Nelson NKJV Ultra Thinline Bible is that the value edition does not have the gilded golden edging on the pages. The edges are simple white paper.

I personally love the golden edging that is on most Bibles. It reminds me how special God’s Word is. But, if you are simply looking for an economical Bible or one that does not draw attention to itself, this will work for you.

Value Ultra NKJV

The Bible does include an integrated red satin bookmark.

The NKJV Value Ultra Thinline Bibles use an 8-point font, called “Comfort Print” by Thomas Nelson Bibles. The text in both the ultra and value ultra looks identical to me.

The greige cover is beautiful and simple. The color is tasteful, too. I found it matches my kitchen table quite well!

Both the ultra and value ultra editions contain the beautiful full color maps that Thomas Nelson is known for. These Bibles are made with quality and longevity in mind.

The NKJV Value Ultra Thinline Bible contains only the simple Biblical text, keeping it lightweight and easy to carry with you anywhere. It does have the words of Christ in red. It would not be considered a “study Bible” because it does not have concordances or commentary.

The NKJV Value Ultra Thinline Bible comes with a lifetime guarantee which proves that Thomas Nelson stands by the quality of their Bibles. In order to get the lifetime guarantee, be sure to register your purchase using this link on the Thomas Nelson website.

My recommendation:


Rating: 5 out of 5.

The Thomas Nelson NKJV Value Ultra Thinline Bible deserves a 5 out of 5.

This economical edition of God’s Holy Word in the New King James Version will last for years! It is easy to transport, making this a particularly useful Bible for evangelists and missionaries!

Rev. Jennifer Mieliulis Fuentes, M.Div., Duke University

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