August 12, 2022

4 thoughts on “How Genesis 1:2 can help you lead a friend to the LORD

  1. Sharing our faith may just be one of the most under valued spiritual disciplines of all. I appreciate this training on how to approach someone from the JW cult. Thank you so much!

    1. When we go through certain situations, we don’t realize how helpful they will be in the future. When we first encountered the onslaught of false teaching in that community, we had to do so much study and research to feel equipped enough to launch a spiritual counter attack! Yet, out of all the Biblical “arguments” that could be made, it all boiled down to something so simple. Just showing them the simple Truth from Genesis 1:2! No need to over-complicate. The LORD, by His Spirit, His Holy and Precious Spirit, makes it so easy so we can all reach our neighbors and friends if we will just listen and obey!

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